Rocket 66 Entertainment, myCinema and Random Media Present: The Landing
By: Staff
August 06, 2018

Phoenix, AZ – Los Angeles, CA (August 6, 2018) – Do you remember where you were the day the Apollo 18 tragedy took place?

More than 25 years after the disaster, and 20 years of legal wrangling, join investigators in a disorienting look into the mission’s controversial catastrophe that left two American astronauts dead and marked the end of the U.S. moon missions when The Landing arrives in select U.S. theaters on August 30th.

From Rocket 66 Entertainment, myCinemaTM and Random Media, The Landing is a faux documentary captured by filmmakers David and Mark Dodson featuring in-depth interviews conducted for the 25th anniversary of Apollo 18. It presents candid accounts from Apollo 18’s lone surviving astronaut, Bo Cunningham (portrayed by Don Hannah), in addition to commentary from loved ones of his perished crew mates, Ed Lovett and Al Borden. The interviews were conducted 20 years ago and have been tied up in endless litigation and courtroom battles that only now allow the public the opportunity to see this explosive film.

The Landing is an extraordinary work of filmmaking that in today’s fake news environment demonstrates how easy it is to fool the world. The film will set the bar for fake news propaganda that is so close to reality that determining whether The Landing is real or not real provides a challenge to the viewer like never before.

In anticipation of NASA’s highly-anticipated 60th Anniversary (October 2018), The Landing is an investigative look at the rarely chronicled Apollo 18 mission that nearly destroyed an American institution. A fascinating and disturbing mystery that rocked the Apollo era, the film made waves throughout the 2017 film festival circuit, perplexing audiences and dividing opinions on what is fact, what is fiction and whether there exists something in the middle.

In 1973, the United States manned space program experienced an extraordinary tragedy, an event that, despite its place as one of the most disturbing episodes of the “space race,” was nevertheless all but ignored during the emerging Watergate scandal that ultimately claimed the presidency of President Richard M. Nixon.

Returning from a successful lunar landing mission, NASA's Apollo 18 suffered a computer error that forced command module pilot Bo Cunningham to take the controls and fly the spacecraft to an emergency landing in the remote Taklamakan Desert of western China, far from the intended splashdown target in the Pacific Ocean. Thirty-six hours would pass before NASA located the spacecraft, by then the site of a national tragedy. What happened during the astronauts' time in the desert, the inquiry that followed, and the mystery surrounding the event, is the subject of The Landing.

“Presented as a documentary, our movie demonstrates how unsettlingly easy it is to reshape people’s memories,” say THE LANDING co- writer/directors David Dodson and Mark Dodson, who explain that many viewers of the award-winning film were convinced it was a real documentary regarding actual historic events, when it appeared at film festival screenings. “It’s one of the abiding themes of the project and particularly germane in today’s cultural and political climate amidst the whole ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ lunacy.”

* The Landing is true. The Landing is false. The Landing is news. The Landing is NOW. *

A production of Los Angeles-based Rocket 66 Entertainment, The Landing was co-written, produced and directed by David Dodson and Mark Dodson and stars Don Hannah as Bo Cunningham; Warren Farina as Ed Lovett; Jeff McVey as Al Borden; Cindy Lou Adkins as Kate Borden; Page Hannah as Sandy Cunningham-Bates; Arlene Hughes-Martinez as Joan Lovett; Robert Pine as Congressman Pete Pellarin; Craig Stepp as Mike Russo; and Joe Santaniello as Fred Calder. Don Hannah served as executive producer and producer and Natalya Papach coproduced. Music by Brian S. Carr. Not rated. Running time: 83 minutes. B&W/color. Shot on 16mm and 8mm with Red Epic and Arriflex cameras and lenses (aspect ratio: 1.85.1).

The Landing won Best Director at the 2017 Boston Sci Film Festival; Best Thriller at the 2017 Burbank International Film Festival; Best Feature at 2017 Escape Velocity, Washington, D.C.; and was an official selection at the 2017 Seattle International Film Festival in the New American Cinema Competition.

The Landing’s theatrical distribution marks a new era of digital cinema using myCinema to deliver high quality moving images via broadband into the theater. Leveraging H.265 compression, DASH, and NAGRA security.

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