Max Winslow and the House of Secrets

April 24, 2020


Willy Wonka meets Jumanji in Max Winslow and The House of Secrets, a suspense-filled, fantasy adventure story with wide audience appeal. Max Winslow is about five teenagers who compete to win a “Smart” mansion designed and owned by the inexplicable Tech Billionaire and scientist, Atticus Virtue (Chad Michael Murray). To win the mansion, the teens must face-off against a super-computer named HAVEN who controls the mansion and ends up going rogue. Does this quintet have what it takes to outsmart this “smart mansion?

“Max Winslow stars a terrific young cast, with a production value that is stunningly rich.” – Killer Horror Critic

STAR-POWER-A cast with a combined social media reach of more than 8,000,000 followers The movie stars Chad Michael Murray (“Riverdale”, "One Tree Hill"), Marina Sirtis (“The Orville”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Tanner Buchannan (Lead, “Cobra Kai”, "Designated Survivor"), Jade Chynoweth (“Step Up: High Water”), Emery Kelly (“Alexa & Katie” Lead on Netflix Show), Jason Genao ("Logan", "On My Block” Lead on Netflix Show), Sydne Mikelle (“The Thinning”), Anton Starkman ("American Horror Story", "Storks") and Tyler Christopher, Emmy winning actor (“General Hospital”).

AWARD-WINNING: 5 Wins and 6 Nominations

Burbank International Film Festival 2019 - Winner Best Feature Film

Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival 2019Winner (Jury Prize) Best Family Film (Feature)

Fayetteville Film Festival 2019

Winner Audience Choice Award

Winner (Jury Prize) Best of Fest

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Sean Olson




Jeff Wild


109 Minutes


Chad Michael Murray
Marina Sirtis
Tanner Buchannan
Jade Chynoweth
Emery Kelly
Jason Genao
Sydne Mikelle
Anton Starkman
Tyler Christopher


sci fi

Teens vs Machine